Move Happy & Share The Road with Our Cycling Safety Videos

An accident on set?

In this installation of ‘Behind the Scenes’, you will find:
Tensions on set… drama and conflict at every turn and even… a mishap?

Don’t worry, no cyclist (or driver) was harmed in our production for this series of Road Cycling Safety Videos for the Land Transport Authority x Share The Road x Move Happy and supported by passionate cyclists, including those from Joyriders and the Singapore Cycling Federation!

On a brilliantly sunny Sunday (which coincided with Car-Free Sunday), we carried out our mission to spread the important message of safe cycling through the production of 3 online videos that deliver key tips for cyclists who ride on the road.

VIDEO: Road Incidents

Whether you are a new cyclist or a seasoned rider, this video series is a great way to pick up or refresh your knowledge of common road safety rules for cyclists.

First scene of the day: Filming on a quieter stretch of road with our volunteer cyclist and host, Megan.

The day started early for us – as we planned to start our filming when there’s less traffic in the morning. The day started even earlier for the cyclists who were involved in the Car Free Sunday event, who rode all the way from City Hall to our location at Bukit Batok right after settling the events at flag-off. #RESPECT

VIDEO: Best Practices

Coordinating the filming with live traffic was a challenging affair, as our first scene involved tips on how to handle buses and bus stops. But that was just a warm-up for what is to come…

Major Mid-Day Challenge:
Filming a cycling scene involving a peloton and lane changes, at a busy traffic junction.

Hmm indeed.

Our team of cheery volunteer cyclists waiting to take to the road, peloton style.

In order to realistically demonstrate the interaction between cyclists and vehicles, we needed to stage some of the key scenes with actual traffic and drivers.

This involved a fair bit of choreography and coordination work, between our driver (who paced the cyclists and managed the vehicle traffic), cyclists (including a peloton), and our cameras.

From our earlier location recce, we had identified a residential area with a good variety of traffic conditions within the vicinity – this allowed us to carry out our filming efficiently and with the cyclists easily riding themselves to the different spots.

Each take had to be carefully timed with traffic, our cyclists and our cameras. However, since we are demonstrating road safety practices and working with safety-conscious riders, the actual scene re-creation was a smooth and safe one!

Movie magic at work – recreating an accident with some camera trickery and acting skills.

On top of demonstrating safe riding practices, tips on how to respond during an accident are equally important. Mad props to our cycling talents with their (newly-discovered?) stunt driving and stunt cycling skills for being able to put up such dramatic re-enactments that actually got passers-by concerned, while entertaining the filming team (who had to hold back our chuckling).

Our “stuntmen” for the day! Stunt Driver Kent and Stunt Cyclist Tobias watching the playback of their scene.
Accident re-enactment so dramatic that we’ve even gotten the attention of passing drivers, one of whom was so warm-hearted, they were almost going to call for the ambulance! #FaithInHumanity

We also enlisted the help of two cyclists from the community to be featured as the hosts of this video series. A big shout out to Hing Siong and Megan for volunteering to be our presenter-hosts! We had a great time working with you both and you both look and sound great on camera.

VIDEO: Pre-Ride Checklist 

Our host, Hing Siong, getting ready for his piece to camera scene.
Sun, camera and action! First-time presenter, Hing Siong, who gladly stepped up to the task.
Behind the Scenes of our Video Production on Cycling Safety.

We would like to extend our appreciation to all the cyclists who volunteered their time, energy and bicycles for the filming on a warm and sunny Sunday. The video series was truly a joint effort among cycling enthusiasts (groups and individuals) who have been working tirelessly to transform our cycling culture, landscape and infrastructure – and we are glad to be able to do our part via this production!

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This article was contributed by Si Hui, Assistant Producer and Kai, Senior Preditor at Intuitive Films.

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