Why You Should Produce Animated Corporate Videos as part of Your Content Strategy

Why You Should Produce Animated Corporate Videos as part of Your Content Strategy

Why You Should Produce Animated Corporate Videos as part of Your Content Strategy

There’s no doubt that the human brain finds visual content to be the most engaging and intriguing kind. Taking this a step further, video content like infographics and animation are simpler to understand and, thus, makes a longer-lasting impression on someone.

An engaging animated video effectively conveys the messages you need to deliver with a minimal preamble and maximum efficiency. Still, many believe that an animated video won’t be taken seriously in a corporate setting; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

To prove it, we’ve listed some of the biggest reasons animated corporate videos are a video content style you should consider.

1. They hold your attention.

There’s a reason why animated films appeal to people of all demographics. Even children, who are notoriously distractible, will sit down to watch cartoons in their entirety.

This is because animation utilises movement and colour in a way that’s meant to draw attention. They’re also so vastly different from the live-action video content we’ve grown so accustomed to that they’re much likelier to remain imprinted on our minds long after we’ve consumed them.

Animated videos allow for more creative dissemination of information. Suppose you were someone in your target audience. What kind of content will you probably remember later in the week: an animated video or a blog article?

2. There are no limits.

When we’re talking about animation, the only limit you’ll come across is your imagination. Whatever you think you want to see on screen is within your reach. An animated corporate video would offer you unprecedented autonomy. You’ll be able to make content that wouldn’t be possible via live-action videos.

3. They are cost-effective.

One of the most considerable constraints on any film project is the budget. This is especially true if you’re working on a smaller production. Money is a significant deterrent for many brands considering video marketing.

Fortunately, animated videos are much more affordable to create than film. With video recording, your budget will need to cover equipment, cast, crew, and all other miscellaneous expenses. Animation can yield similar results while costing significantly less to make.

4. They are more straightforward.

Converting a story idea into a video narrative and communicating that to your audiences is no simple feat. These videos can be challenging to plan and even more complicated to execute. Animation simplifies this process by offering succinct explanations of the complex subject matter.

5. They will remain relevant for a long time. 

Think of all the classic animation films you’ve grown up with. Generally, they look better than live-action films from the same time period. This is because cameras improve rapidly, and the new standard quality of footage will constantly change. However, a beautifully animated video will always remain aesthetically pleasing.

Animation also pulls the viewer out of reality, allowing for greater suspending of disbelief. This means you can use the same video for a long time without it growing incongruent with the times.


With all these reasons for the plunge into animated corporate videos, it’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity exponentially. Brands everywhere have decided that the benefits you’d stand to reap from them alone make them worth the consideration.

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