Welcome to the NEW Intuitive Films Website!

Intuitive Films is celebrating our 10th year in business this 2017 and we are excited to usher in our milestone year with a brand new website!

For the past decade, Intuitive has remained focused, tight-knit and nimble. For a production company that has remained specialised in client work involving corporate videos, commercials, marketing, outreach and brand awareness videos for a wide variety of clients (with selective forays into broadcast television) we have consistently ‘punched above our weight’ in delivering quality videos and satisfying production experiences for those who had trusted us with their projects.

As we continue to grow the team and our service offerings, 2017 looks to be a year of transformation.

On top of continuing to amplify our current and new clients’ presence through video production, we will also be reaching out more to get our voice heard, so as to share more of what we know using the communication expertise we have honed over the years.

Video Production Singapore by Intuitive. Behind the Scenes of the Mane & Tail Commercial Production.
Video Production Singapore by Intuitive. Behind the Scenes of the Mane & Tail Commercial Production.

Here’s a big THANK YOU to all those who have been with us through the past 10 years: Clients who believed in us (some of whom have become our friends); freelancers and partners who continue to support us with their exceptional work and professionalism (as well as their generosity of spirit and camaraderie); interns and staff whom we hope have reaped much more than they have sowed (and continue to do greater things with what they’ve gained); and friends and family members who’ve journeyed with us through all the ups and downs.

As we tidy up the small details from our website overhaul, we promise that more is to come in the following weeks and months.

Watch this space. Akan Datang!

For more about the commercial and client work we do over at Intuitive, visit https://www.intuitivefilms.com

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