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A school dedicated to applied learning…
A passionate team of staff working hard behind the scenes…
This is the SIT recruitment video that we’ve done recently. Check it out!

Within every good university, there is a large network of education and administrative staff working diligently behind the scenes to make sure that the students are succinctly bridged from academia into the real world. Singapore Institute of Technology is one such university, which specialises in introducing industry practice early in their university education.

As a fast-growing institution, they are looking to expand their staff across the board. So we were approached to produce a recruitment video to reach out to potential applicants over their online career portal, as well as their LinkedIn page.

Student Life Manager Vicky Kheo in front of the camera and ready to shoot

The aim of the video was to create an authentic and professional picture of the university through the experiences and testimonials of university staff of different departments. We uncovered genuinely passionate individuals during our pre-interview process and discovered why they were able to thrive in the challenging and fast-changing environment of a young university.

Wait, so the staff are the ones working behind the scenes. We made a video about them, and then now this blog is behind the scenes of the people behind the scenes.

Mind. Blown.

We have to go deeper.

Here’s a fun fact: This shoot was done over two years. We’re not even kidding.

Another fact? It was done in two months, December and January 🙂

Working through the scheduling and various arrangements, as well as the number of people we had to cover, the filming of the six profiles were done over three days, so that we can spend as much time with each interviewee as possible to elicit their best and most authentic responses.

Assistant Professor Dr Pearpilai Jutasompakorn preparing her lines with the guidance of our director Ler

Each staff member was from a different department and had different roles within the university. This meant more opportunity for us to capture different types of uni life at work! Visually, different types of settings keep the aesthetics varied and exciting. We were able to capture lecture halls, lab sessions, and various student and faculty life as well.

In this short video that’s distributed mainly online and over social media, with one main compilation video and individual profile videos, we captured as complete a look as possible into campus life for the staff and faculty of SIT.

Intuitive would like to thank SIT’s team for assisting us with the liaising of the locations and meeting up with the profiles. We would also like to thank the various SIT staff and faculty who generously gave us their time to participate in this production.

We would like to wish SIT the best as they grow even bigger, better and bolder – while looking forward to their brand new integrated Punggol Campus in the coming years!

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This article was contributed by Si Hui, Assistant Producer at Intuitive Films.

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