Measuring The Success Of Your Video Marketing Strategies

Measuring The Success Of Your Video Marketing Strategies

Measuring The Success Of Your Video Marketing Strategies

Creating an informative and engaging corporate video is only the start. Once your video has been posted and shared with the world, how do you gauge whether your video marketing strategies have yielded the desired results?

The first step is to recall your initial objective for the video. After that, it’s only a matter of comparing the results against the specific criteria you set beforehand. Planning the video content and marketing strategy thoroughly before producing it makes reporting on metrics more straightforward.

You must track at least a few metrics for more detailed insights gathered, but it should be noted that monitoring too many different metrics only serves to confuse matters. A clear understanding of what you want to achieve is essential to know which metrics to use.

To give you a brief overview of what goes into measuring the success of your video content, here are some simple metrics you can begin to track:

Number of views

Your view count tells you how many times your video has been seen and gives you the gist of how far your content has spread. However, make sure you consider the fact that this is tracked differently by each platform. For example, on Facebook, a view is registered when the video is watched for just 3 seconds, while on YouTube, that number is closer to 30 seconds.

1. Play rate 

The play rate of a video refers to the number of unique visitors to your page who played your video. If you want to check if the positioning of your video on the webpage is optimal, this is the best metric you can use. If you find your page is visited a lot, but your play rate is lower, you’ll probably want to amend your placement of the video on the page. When you have a healthy play rate, you can be sure that people on your page want to watch your content.

2. Click-through rate

call-to-action tells your viewers that you want them to do something specific upon consuming your content. The CTR (click-through rate) is what you would use to track how many people who watch your videos have followed through on it. A high CTR indicates that your audience would be more amenable to your messages – which also, ultimately, translates into brand loyalty.

3. Engagement

Engagement is perfect for gaining information and feedback regarding the content itself. This metric shows you the percentage of your video people watched on average. You’ll gauge how much of the video they’re watching, where they stopped, and what they watched again. Engagement is also versatile in that it’s relevant for every type of video content.

4. Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the easiest way to learn how many customers or leads you’ve earned from your video. You’ll probably need bona fide analytics software like Google Analytics and an attribution model to make the appropriate calculation and come to the correct conclusions.


The metrics listed above are some of the more well-utilised and crucial ones for gauging the success you’ve gained through video marketing. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Every video has a unique goal, and each goal will have different criteria for its success to be measured against.

There’s no doubt that the data you collate from these metrics are vital to your marketing strategies. However, making decisions based solely on the numbers would be unwise too. Research the reasoning behind these numbers and what it would mean for your brand before making adjustments to your video content. Crucially, remember not to be discouraged if your numbers don’t match your expectations. Use these metrics as a guide instead. Success is an ongoing process, after all.

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