How to Choose The Best Production House For Your Corporate Video

How to Choose The Best Production House For Your Corporate Video

How to Choose The Best Production House For Your Corporate Video

Video content has fast become one of the most successful means of marketing available. In fact, with businesses adopting video marketing at such incredible rates, corporate videos have become a dime a dozen. Yet, with all that competition, it’s no wonder brands are struggling to be heard.

So, how do you ensure that your video content makes its presence known? Well, it begins with choosing the right production house for the job.

Every video production company has its unique style and working method. While you have the final say in the overall look, concept, and purpose of the video, the production house is what facilitates this vision. They have the expertise to consider factors that wouldn’t even exist in your periphery, like writing the script or video editing. Your chosen production house should have the appropriate experience, equipment, and skills required to translate your grandest ideas to the screen.

If you want to gauge the best video production house for your purposes, meticulous research needs to be done. Getting a good idea of their abilities and the assets they possess allows you some insight into whether they will be able to provide you with the content you want. You also want to ensure that the company chosen has the drive and efficacy to keep up with your brand.

To simplify things for you, here are some factors you need to keep in mind when searching for the production house that befits you:

1. Create a project brief

The first thing you need to do before you begin your search for a production company is to explicitly state your goals, expectations, and other relevant information regarding your video content.

Doing so helps narrow down your vision and streamlines discussions with potentially interested parties. You’ll be saving a lot of time that can then be attributed to the content creation.

Do note that the brief should not be as detailed as a storyboard or script. It’s more of an overview that outlines all the most vital aspects of the project. As such, you must keep it as concise and clear as possible.

2. Make a list of potential companies.

You need to gather a lot of data about different production companies before you make an informed decision. Here’s how you can do that:

– Find recommendations: You’ll want to ask around about the production houses people have worked with. A credible recommendation can go a long way in assuring you of their effectiveness.

– Google it: The Internet is exceptionally efficient at bringing you all the data you need within milliseconds. Learn about the production companies listed, watch their showreels, and pick the ones that appeal to you most.

– Check out videos made for other companies: These videos don’t even have to be made for brands in your industry. As long as the output impresses you and you can be reasonably sure of the quality of their work, you can look into the production house responsible and their services to see if you’d want to enlist them.

3. See beyond the content.

Liking a production company’s content is essential, but it’s not the only element you should consider. Sometimes, well-crafted videos that are attractive to you don’t generate the traffic you’re looking for.

In the end, video marketing is a business deal. You’d want to work with a company that understands your goals and has the proven capabilities to help you achieve them. Look into the work they’ve done previously and into the industries they’ve dabbled in. On social media, you’ll also be able to view the likes, views, and interactions they’ve garnered, which is one of the best ways to estimate the success of the strategies employed. After all, what’s the point in creating an engaging, well-made video if it’s not going to reach your target audience?

4. Request a Proposal

After the relevant discussions have taken place, request a proposal from the companies you’re considering – along with their quote. This proposal must include a timeline and a breakdown of the budget requested.

When you compare the proposals, you’ll get a clearer idea of where each production house stands with its abilities to match your vision. You’ll also be able to gauge whether the services provided will be worth the money spent.


With this, we hope we’ve sufficiently broken down the strategies you’ll need to employ to find the right production house for you. Then, if done right, you’ll be able to enjoy services that provide you with the engaging, creative, and successful video content you deserve.

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