Behind the Scenes of Our Video Production with MCI for Budget 2017

Earlier this year, we were approached by the good people of the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) to produce a video that will be shown in Parliament by Minister Yaacob Ibrahim.

Behind the Scenes of our filming at the General Assembly Spacemob office.

The occasion: The Committee of Supply debate as part of Budget 2017.

The focus: To bring out the human stories that showcase the impact and benefits of the various schemes and initiatives that MCI and its agencies have put forth in 2016.

The challenge: Potentially short turnaround time (because the date for Budget 2017 has not been released yet) and needed many levels of coordination and cooperation among the boards and agencies to reach out to the interview profiles (kudos to the MCI team for bringing all this together!).

Behind the Scenes… and all hands on deck.

With the happy Senior Citizens of Toa Payoh West CC post-filming.
“Happy Can Already! 欢喜就好!”

It was our first time working with the team from MCI and to quote one of our featured interviewees, Hakim, “It’s been an unbelievable journey“.

From the get go, the MCI team had a very clear brief for us, with visual references that gave us a good understanding of the look and feel they were going for. This allowed us to propose a filming treatment as well as infographic animation style that delivers statistics in a fun and integrated way.

We knew from the start that the human element is very important, which guided us on our pre-interview and scripting process with each profile, as well as our recommendations for the types of statistics to be paired.

Behind the Scenes of our video filming with our Senior Citizen profile at the Toa Payoh West CC.

The selected interviewees were colourful characters from all walks of life and were able to speak passionately and authentically about their experiences – which is an essential trait for any profile-driven video (and corporate video as well). Props again to the various agencies for this!

Behind the Scenes of our video filming at the Clementi Public Library.
Behind the Scenes of our video filming at the Clementi Public Library.

The other pleasantly surprising elements that made this whole video production process a positive and energised one was the high level of mutual trust, respect and appreciation between our team and the clients that was established very early on in the process.

For us, it was very encouraging to experience the spirit of collaboration where our clients were open to our suggestions, trusted our recommendations and respected the need for time and resources to get the quality of work we’ve promised.

At the same time, it was also a joy working with the MCI team as it was clear they were taking firm ownership of the project and were able to take decisive actions through the whole process.

Our Gaffer, Ah Lim, being our poster boy for the IMDA Silver Infocomm Initiative!

This was also demonstrated on the ground during filming as everyone involved from MCI and the agencies were chipping in in whatever capacity they could offer to make sure we get the best footage for the video.

Need a Hokkien dialect interviewer? Check!

Need to access another Ministry’s exhibition gallery the next day and after working hours? We’re on it!

Original interviewee pulls out the day before? No problem, we’ll find someone!

Behind the Scenes of our video filming at the Kampong Kembangan Community Club, talking about the IMDA Silver Infocomm Initiative.
Behind the Scenes of our video filming at the Kampong Kembangan Community Club with our sporting interviewee and friends.
That’s a wrap! Director Dany with our interviewee and friends at the Kampong Kembangan Community Club.

So, despite the little hiccups here and there (uncertainties are pretty much part and parcel of video production life!), the shoots ran smoothly, we were able to get the edit previews out on schedule and the first cut preview went really well.

By the time the almost-finalised video went up to Minister Yaacob Ibrahim for his preview, the response was very positive. All because of the clarity and enthusiasm from all sides from day one.

We’ve even developed a few… #hashtag in-jokes. But those are strictly off the record 😉

Behind the Scenes of our video filming at the cool GovTech Hive office.

What a great way to kick off 2017 for us (as we looked back at MCI’s milestones in 2016 with this video). Here’s to more fulfilling work and collaborations in the months to come!

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Behind the Scenes of our video production for the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) Budget 2017 Parliament Video, as part of Minister Yaacob Ibrahim’s presentation.

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