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17 years of partnering high profile government clients – from ministries and agencies to stat boards and institutions – we know what it takes for a successful video production.

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Our deep understanding of the inner workings of government organisations and the rigorous standards required enables us to consistently deliver a superior project management experience while creating impactful videos that have massive reach.

As a preferred provider on the MCI WOG Video and Animation Framework Agreement, we’ve consulted and worked with public agencies on a diverse range of video projects including HR, employer branding, training, events, awards, public outreach, policy explanation, branding and marketing campaigns.


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The team was organized, collaborative, and flexible throughout the entire process. There are a lot of pieces and stakeholders involved in every video production. We really appreciate that they were patient in explaining every intricate detail of how the animation can or should work. The production team was personable and passionate about their work.

Central Provident Fund Board

I was pleasantly surprised by the efforts of the team to “quality control” the final product to a very high degree. There are vendors who would just produce a decent product and stop there. I really appreciated the team’s effort to go the extra mile to produce the best possible product for us. Intuitive Films has a good work ethic and were committed to producing a quality product.

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

From the initial scripting to the final video, the team was professional and enthusiastic in achieving our objective. They understood the desired outcome that we wanted, provided constructive advice, and delivered a product to our immense satisfaction. Most of all, we appreciated the strong cooperation throughout the project. It was an enjoyable experience working with a great team!

National Environment Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

We are qualified for both the video as well as animation categories, which means we are able to work with you on live action filming, full animation or hybrid projects. Through the past 17 years, we have worked with ministries, statutory boards, agencies and educational institutions on videos for a wide range of purposes: explainer, outreach, marketing, branding, event, recruitment, launch, award, training, education, internal communication, pre-recorded livestream and more.

Our strength lies in delivering end-to-end full-service competencies (concept development and pre production to filming and post-production). At the same time, we can also be engaged for more specific work such as filming, editing or animation only.

From our experience, we advise that key stakeholders be involved in the initial decision-making process, so that we are able to align on the requirements and scope of work before embarking on the project.

Upon awarding of the project, we would hold a kickoff meeting with your main project team, where we firm up the direction, clarify details and provide visibility on all the upcoming stages to be expected. We would also highlight which milestones key stakeholders should be involved in, in order for smoother project completion within time and budget.

The exact schedule will depend on the scale and complexity of your production. We generally recommend planning for a production timeline of 6 to 12 weeks between project confirmation and video delivery.

After the kickoff meeting, we will prepare and share with you a detailed production schedule which lists the milestones and delivery dates clearly.

If you have an idea of your scope of work, you could make an estimate from the line items listed in our WOG Framework rate card. However, we’d still recommend for us to go on a call together, so that we may advise and package a more accurate proposal for you.

With this call, we would also be able to consult on the best use of resources to meet your objectives, which sometimes involves putting certain items as optional or proposing alternatives for you to bring back for your team discussion.

Having worked with different government clients across the public service, we understand that although you are procuring the video under the WOG Framework Agreement, each organisation has its own finance and administrative processes to adhere to. We will work closely with your finance and procurement colleagues on the paperwork and approvals required.

As video productions are multi-staged projects which take weeks or sometimes months to complete, we work based on progressive payments matched to project milestones. This enables us to run our business sustainably and also responsibly when it comes to paying the freelancers and vendors who work with us on time.

We have consulted with clients, both new and returning, at different stages of their projects: budget raising, exploration, ideation or with a full brief that’s ready for execution. So please let us know where you’re at and we will be able to support you accordingly.

Reach out to us via the contact form below and we’ll be able to provide what you need to take the next steps.

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